My narrative story with a clear structure, setting and plot. Part 1

A 10 year old girl called Natasha, lived in Beaconsfield with her family. She knows how, to fix a plane, car and motorbikes. Her parents allow her, because she’s a sensible girl.

Tasha opens the door announcing : ” I’m home mum”. Quickly Tasha dashed upstairs to her  bedroom like lighting. She collapsed onto her silky smooth bed.”Sitting in bed doing nothing makes me feel  bored” thought Natasha. Tasha leaped out of bed and decided to watch a video on how to fix a computer. During the video her belly rumbled disturbingly. “Mmmmmm that food smells delicious” moaned Tasha. At that exact time Dad called ” Dinner,’s ready”. While everyone is eating mum announces: ” We’re going to Spain”!

After everyone had finished eating they made it for the stairs. Packed there bags deciding what to bring with them and went to bed. 2:00 in the morning they stood there waiting with their bags for their flight to be announced. When there plane was announced they raced for the door got in put their bags on top of there seats and fell asleep.

Natasha woke up, the plane was not moving. She gasped quietly. They had stopped in : FRANCE! 

 What is going to happen next?

To be continued………………


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